How to Make a Powerful Appeal

how to make a powerful appeal

The regularly scheduled #delightindoctrine series will return next week. In the meantime, please enjoy this post by my friend, Melanie Redd

I’ve had the chance over the past few weeks to talk to many of you who are stuck in some really difficult situations.

In the past few days, I’ve spoken with one person who would like to leave their job, one person who'd like to change churches, and another person who’d like to get a raise for the extra workload they have taken on at their job.

All of these situations require wisdom, delicate handling, and much prayer.

I'd like to suggest the use of the most wonderful little TOOL that comes straight from the Bible.

* People used this tool in early Bible days to solve disputes (Deuteronomy 17)

* Nathan used this tool also in speaking with David (1 Samuel 12)

* Abigail used this tool in talking to King David (1 Samuel 25)

* Paul used this tool in speaking with Agrippa (Acts 26)


What is this awesome and powerful tool?

It’s an "APPEAL."

According to, an appeal is both:

1} An earnest request for aid, support, sympathy, or mercy, and

2} A request to a person in authority for a decision.


We make appeals when we get pulled over for speeding.

We make appeals when we want a lower price or a better deal.

People make appeals at work, at home, in traffic, at church, in relationships, and in almost every facet of life. We make appeals almost daily without even thinking about it.


However, the “appeal” I’m talking about today is a well-thought-out, planned, and prayed over request for something.

It’s when we deliberately and intentionally go to a person with a personal and meaningful request for help, for relief, or for something tangible.

@@Maybe today you are in a place where you need to make an appeal.@@

If so, may I suggest a few words of wisdom before you go to make your appeal?

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1 Corinthians 2:9

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