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31 Days:  New Beginnings, is a packed full of beautiful quote graphics and scriptures that celebrate new beginnings.  The arrival of spring and the celebration of Easter is a good time to ponder the gift of new life that Christians have been given, through grace, because of Jesus. 

31 Days of Scripture:  The Character of God, journal

As I've been writing, I've been collecting verses from the Bible that tell of some of the many wonderful characteristics of God.  Just as I did with the 31 Days of Proverbs journal, I've created 31 more days of beautiful scripture graphics with space for journaling, in the format of a printable booklet.  

3 Minute Video on How to Use My Printable Journals:

31 Days of Proverbs, Journal uses scriptures from Proverbs, a book of the Bible that’s packed with practical wisdom for everyday life.

Scriptures and Quotations for the Anxious Heart

My hope is that this booklet will be a source of encouragement- by pointing you to God's Word. It's only seven pages..easy to print off and easy to reference.

Phone Lock screen: 31 Day Reading Plan for Psalms

Printable:  7 Thoughts on Joy from C.S. Lewis, Quotes

4 free printable journals Christian encouragement