:: a four-week retreat ::

Renew is an online, self-paced, retreat experience.   This will be a place to pause, allowing your spirit to be refreshed as you soak in the goodness of who God is.  A time to make space for the work of the Holy Spirit to renew a right spirit within your soul.  This retreat is a quiet celebration of some beautiful gifts given to us by our Creator- gifts that renew our bodies, minds, and spirits. 


This retreat will offer daily themes that repeat over four weeks: inspire, rejuvenate, create, connect, and Sabbath. A private class website, videos, and printable/downloadable files are the ways you will be able to access this content.  Projects, recipes, essays, devotionals, and prayers will be woven throughout and offered in a way that invites a restful pick and choose approach.

Additionally, if you so choose to participate, there will be an interactive online community available in which to share ideas and experiences. 



Mondays will be about inspiring the mind, bringing an assortment of essays, booklists, study techniques, and printable aids that encourage scholarship in the spiritual disciplines of Bible study and prayer- and how we can apply our minds to learning more about who God is. 

  • How to choose a Bible reading plan
  • How to research and make a study plan
  • Habits of a maturing Christian
  • Memory aids
  • Prayer walks
  • and more....
Organic skincare spa still life with salt and herb, aromatherapy


Tuesdays will bring ideas for rejuvenating your body.  Self-care projects, recipes, and inspiration to create a place in your life for a renewal of healthy habits and pampering techniques. 

  • Creating an evening self-care routine
  • Spa at home
  • Reading for pleasure
  • essays and writing prompts
  • simple recipes for health and healing
  • and more...
Paints and brushes on a white wooden background


Each Wednesday I'll share tutorials and essays that celebrate creativity, art, and beauty.

  • Bible journaling
  • Hand lettering
  • Painting with watercolors
  • Flower arranging
  • and more...
Dinner table


Thursdays will offer reflections, recipes, and projects that promote community. 

  • Tea party
  • Game night
  • Preparing your home for guests
  • Loving your neighbor
  • and more...
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Each Friday will be a time of contemplation with essays, interviews, and stories that focus on the rest that can be found in Christ, alone. An invitation to prepare for and enter into Sabbath rest, reflecting on what God has already done for us.

  • Gratitude
  • Worship
  • Prayers
  • Meditation
  • and more...

Renew is brimming with Christian faith based inspirational encouragement and ideas that will help you turn your gaze towards the Author of peace and renewal.  As our lives return to a semblance of routine after the summer months, before we enter the busy season of the winter holidays, let's take a pause, a personal retreat, and renew our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Renew will offer plentiful activities from which to choose- and is adaptable to varying schedules and interests.  Our approach will be a series of restful invitations.  

You will receive a welcome e-mail upon purchase, containing information on how to access the class website and files. Each weekday throughout the retreat you will receive an e-mail with a link to the newest post and PDF files.  By the end of the course, you will have 20 "mini-books" containing all of the content from the retreat. Additionally, the class website will remain online for at least one year following the end of the course. 

If you're ready to renew your mind, body, and spirit through this online retreat, then please join us.  I'd love to take this journey with you.  

renew online Christian living retreat

Registration Will Open Again in January 2018



Renew online retreat for Christian living