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God's Powerful Grace and How it Benefits All People

The mortgage was due on 1st.  It was the 3rd- and there sat the envelope on the front table, waiting to go in the mail.  My heart sank.  As a rule-following kind of girl, it really bothers me when I mess up like this.  I expected a late payment would be incurred and that there would be a ding on my credit rating.  I was upset with myself for forgetting to get the check in the mail before I left on vacation. 

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The Holy Spirit and the Bond of Peace

The time and place was Germany after WWII.  The church was divided and the hurt ran deep.  In the year’s prior, Hitler had commanded all religious groups within the country to unite. It wasn’t a unity of the Spirit, however, that brought them together.  Rather, the unity was forced upon them so Hitler could better control the churches.

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